Play for Health – the role of ICT applications in preserving mental functions and improving quality of life

It is now well-known that regular intellectual activity (reading, crosswords, card and other cognitive games) reduces the risk of dementia and slows its progression. It is also increasingly in the forefront of interest, how different Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools can be used in measuring various mental functions and in the early detection and improvement of cognitive decline.


ICT4Life is at home!

ICT4Life technology has arrived at home! The 3rd of July was the official starting date of the pilot tests in France at the house of a patient living alone, affected by Alzheimer’s at an early stage. Last year the patient had participated in the iterative testing of the ICT4life mobile app and smart TV app and was curious to try the whole system.


Mobile applications in Parkinson’s

Health and medicine applications

In 2015 the number of mobile phones in the world reached 7.3 billion, and was therefore higher than the number of people living on this planet. Consequently, the number of mobile applications available in the market has been increasing in recent years,

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Gamification for cognitive stimulation

Who said that the cognitive training has to be tough and focused on boring and repetitive exercises? Based on recent studies on the medical use of gamification, ICT4Life developed specific games for people affected by Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or other kinds of dementia to offer them a tool to train their cognitive skills by playing alone or with their relatives or friends.

Integration of SSH with SE

Fostering interdisciplinary action in Horizon 2020

H2020 Projects such as ICT4Life combine closely different kinds of sciences by involving multi-sectorial partners. Developing the best technology without taking into account new societal needs or usability and attractiveness of technologies would not fulfil the objectives.

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