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VIDEO – ICT4Life Promotional video


Watch ICT4Life promotional video and learn more about our project, our work and our devices!

Find out the feedbacks from patients, carers, health professional and Consortium partners!

ICT4Life is a EU-funded project which objective consists in implementing an innovative platform that connects patients,

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ICT4Life Poster


The ICT4Life poster provides detailed information on  ICT4Life objectives and on the research activities to be implemented within the framework of the project.

It has been produced by the ICT4Life Project Partner “University of Pécs” (Hungary) and presented from 5 to 8 October 2016 at the Croatian Congress on Alzheimer’s disease held in Tučepi (Croatia),


ICT4Life Press Release

Almost 10 million Europeans live with Parkinson, Alzheimer and other dementias today. As a result of ageing, the number of persons affected by one of those conditions is forecasted to double by 2030, making them major health challenges. Those persons want to live in their own homes but because of the symptoms they face difficulties in their daily life both in managing their own care and living independently.

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