Mock-ups: a first step towards ICT4Life system

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The third ICT4Life consortium meeting that took place in Paris on the 13th and 14th of September 2016 marked a first definition of the platform and App interfaces of ICT4Life system and announced the development of the mock-ups by the technical partners of the project.

The mock-ups represent the base for the evaluation of the interfaces of the platform and the App. They are an effective tool to gather a comprehensive feedback from the users since the very beginning of the development phase of the system. In particular, mock-ups allow to collect first reactions and impressions that will therefore guide the implementation of the real interfaces of the ICT4Life platform and App.

The end-users partners have a central role in this phase: they submit the mock-ups of the interfaces to the users and ask them their opinion about their usability, accessibility and usefulness and collect findings and full data gathered during the tests. Users’ recommendations allow to identify and prioritize the most critical aspects to repair, i.e. whether the function of an icon is not easy to understand or an element of the interface is not visible by users with limited vision.


First results were collected in Madrid in the middle of November during the tests of the interfaces involving Parkinson’s patients, conducted by UPM and APM. Tests with the mock-ups showed that some of the tested interfaces might be difficult to use for this kind of users. As a consequence, technical partners are now exploring other adapted and user-friendly solutions to integrate to the platform and App, such as interactive vocal services.

Other testing sessions will be organized in December in France by E-Seniors and in Hungary by UPECS. This will allow to collect a more complete feedback from other countries and from patients affected by different pathologies (dementia and Alzheimer’s). After the mock-ups of the platform and the App interfaces, also those of TV interfaces will be developed by the technical partners and tested by the end-users.

The tests with the mock-ups represent the first step of the iterative testing phase and of the whole testing process of the ICT4Life system. Once the feedback will be collected from all end-users partners and the mock-ups will be adapted according to the tests results, the second phase of the iterative testing will be implemented: the tests with functional prototypes aiming at evaluating the usability and users preferences of different components of the ICT4Life system. Finally, the integrated version of the ICT4Life system will be tested and validated during the Pilot phase by all the end-users partners.



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