D5.9 Interfaces (Final)

This deliverable is the final one set of annual reports on interfaces. This deliverable contains the details of the modification/changes to improve the interfaces based on the feedback received from the pilot’s phases. The screenshots and details provided in this document are close-to-final version of the ICT4LIFE website (professionals and users), Smartphone app (caregivers and patients) and SmartTV (patients).

In this deliverable the results of end-user’s feedback are reflected in the visual aspect of the interfaces. The changes applied were carefully analysed to fulfil the requirements that support the description of Work of the project in D2.2 User requirements, in addition to the tests with user’s protocols forecasted in D2.5 Pilot Deployment and Roadmap and finally the pilots phase described in deliverable D7.2.

This document outlines the interfaces of ICT4Life system that permit the interaction from users with the ICT4Life services. This deliverable 5.9 is the final report focused specifically on the ICT4Life Interfaces. It is intended to serve to several purposes: first, the interfaces are presented, under the ICT4Life framework; second, it explains the usability and accessibly criteria and process followed for developing the interfaces, always taking into account the particular requirements of ICT4Life end users; third, the security protocols followed to secure the information are described; last but not least, it is intended to be used as documentation for the project. Minor(any) variation is expected in the last two months of the project. In case a change would be faced, then it will be reported in the last technical report of the project.

Section 1, 2 and 3 provide the general overview of the project. If you (reader) are familiar with the project, you can skip these sections and go directly to section 4 where the updates are presented.

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