D8.2 ICT4Life Exploitation Plan

This deliverable is the final Exploitation Plan, which contains further analysis based on the first Exploitation Plan (Deliverable 8.1) issued in December 2017.

During 2018 the final conclusions from the end-user feedback have been analysed and ICT4Life has run the pilots in three different scenarios (Home, Day-Care Centre and Rehabilitation Centre), all these feedback has been taken into consideration to define an exploitation plan of ICT4Life platform as a whole and its technologies.

ICT4Life platform is focus on an innovative aspect as is integrated care that although it has several implementation examples is not still mainstream in care delivery and due to this integrated perspective it offers value to a wide range of actors, the patient themselves, their caregivers, the care and social professionals and the care institutions. In this context market is in continuous evolution as solutions are not yet in place; there are multiple market stakeholders that can be interested in the technology (as a whole or specific functionalities) and therefore exploitation can follow different pathways that we analyse within the document.

This document is structure in three major sections, the external analysis to look to the market, the internal analysis to understand ICT4Life results and technologies and the Exploitation strategy to define market approach strategies.

The external analysis incorporates further market analysis based on an integrated care perspective and including further analysis of different European regions identified and also a further analysis on competition platforms and technologies.

The internal analysis include the user feedback gathered in iterative testing and pilots to have a better understanding of the ICT4Life platform capabilities and improvement needs.

The exploitation strategy includes a value mapping with market stakeholders, exploitation scenarios analysis and an exploitation perspectives form a general integrated care approach (umbrella perspective) and from end-users, research institutions and businesses perspectives.

Integrated Care is in progress of consolidating within the health care practice and therefore integration among care actors is still unequal among countries and even regions within countries. European Health market structure is heterogeneous and complex, its movement towards Integrated Care present multiple opportunities for ICT4Life technology although must be taken into account that this movement will take time and opportunities will require a market approach with enough marketing experts effort and resources to be effective as shown in the exploitation strategy.

Market for technology that supports Integrate Care is growing and to be positioned within this field is a great opportunity for all project partners.

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