D8.7 Dissemination and Communication Activity Report M36

This document is deliverable 8.7 Dissemination and Communication Activities Report and is the third deliverable on dissemination that reports the activities done by the ICT4Life consortium until the end of the project. The present report presents the accumulated ICT4Life results over its three years of implementation until December 2018.

Within this deliverable all activities are reported including results achieved by M36 compared to the objectives proposed in the Dissemination and Communication Activities Plan. This deliverable also includes the reports on dissemination and communication activities prepared by each of the partners, including the actions taken by them to promote ICT4Life visibility during the first, the second and the third year.

The document includes a detailed analysis of the dissemination tools and activities performed during the first, the second and the third year of ICT4Life project: leaflets, website, social media, newsletter, traditional media and publications. Monitoring and evaluation of the dissemination action is also explained as is the methodology used to assess current situation

As will be seen in the deliverable, the assessment of the dissemination and communication activities by M36 is positive, having achieved all of the goals initially planned. The collaboration of the whole consortium led by HOPE has made these results possible, as can be seen in the first section of the deliverable.

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