D4.4 ICT4Life Open API (v2)

This deliverable covers the ICT4Life Open API, which is an open subsystem meant to facilitate research and foster new markets. The Open API subsystem includes several libraries: TMLib for the development of new training material for the professionals, SenseLib for the integration of new sensors in the activity recognition process, ATLib for allowing new activities and patient behaviours to be trained, FuseLib for
customizing the way different modalities are employed in the fusion engine and NeLib for the creation of new notifications or the production of new events.

The development of this deliverable has been aligned with the requirements that support the description of Work of the project in D4.4 ICT4Life Open API. This work covers the final version of the aforementioned libraries, which are part of the low-level and high-level ICT4Life subsystems.

This deliverable describes the work performed in WP3 and WP4 for providing the final version of the ICT4Life Open API.

Download Deliverable 4.4

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