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Are you a PATIENT?

ICT4Life project is aimed at developing a solution for individuals with early stage cognitive impairment and at contributing in a user friendly way to extend their independence. People with dementia in general and, more in particular, with Alzheimer’s at an early stage and with Parkinson’s constitute the main group of users ICT4Life will focus its analysis on. They want to live in their homes but because of the symptoms brought on by their condition they face difficulties in managing their daily life when it comes to self-care and living independently. Thus, they need  continuous care and families have to dedicate time, mental and physical effort to sustain them, while caregivers and health professionals need to be strongly supported in the provision of care.

ICT4Life ambition for this category of users is aimed at helping the patients to exert their right to access their personal healthcare data and to record their own checks; monitoring the health status of the patients to better understand the evolution of their health status; reminding the patients to take actions in order to promote the maintenance of their general conditions.

Are you a CAREGIVER?


The caregivers are the people who provide care to patients in their homes or in other places. They could be identified in two categories, namely formal or informal caregivers. The first one corresponds to professionals, while the second include the members of the patients’ family or friends. The formal and informal caregivers have a fundamental role in this context and are usually the “front row” people in the provision of care to individuals with early stage dementias. For this reason, they often need to receive fast responses that allow them to put in place timely actions. ICT4Life will send these end-users alerts and messages about any change in patient’s health status or behaviour, thus supporting the follow-up and pro-active interventions. Moreover, ICT4Life will offer them personalised training, decision making support and contact with health professionals.


The shift from a hospital centred system to an integrated care system, where the patients are involved in the decision-making process related to their care, is inducing a change of the professionals’ roles. The healthcare professionals taking care of patients with cognitive impairments are facing several challenges due to this complex framework and need to be assisted both to provide high quality of care and to be coordinated with their colleagues. ICT4Life, through an effective system of data collection and analysis, will support the healthcare professionals in tracking the health conditions of their patients and in accessing to integrated information through stationary devices. ICT4Life will also enhance the communication between the healthcare professionals, the caregivers and the patients.

Are you a Market Actor or Other profile?

Beside the patients, the caregivers and the professionals ICT4Life identifies the market actors as a target group which has a particular interest in the project activities and results and which might play a role in the update of the developed solutions. Market actors are defined as potential buyers or investors in the produced technology or service. This category includes healthcare providers, SMEs and payers in general.

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