ICT4Life is building a real community of people interested in advancing integrated care in Europe, creating synergies and collaboration with initiatives and organisation working in this area. Your organisation/initiative can support ICT4Life by signing a Support Letter and sending it to

Are you a PATIENT?

If you are a patient, there are several ways to participate in ICT4Life activities. For instance, you could be part of the testing sessions that are taking place in France, Hungary and Spain. You will decide how to commit yourself! If you wish to be part of this innovation process, please, send us an email to the address or ask somebody you trust to do it!

ICT4Life project is aimed at developing solutions for individuals with early or intermediate stages of cognitive impairment and at contributing to extend their autonomy. People affected by dementia and, more in particular, by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s constitute the main group of users on which ICT4Life focuses its analysis.

These patients face difficulties in managing their everyday life, and need continuous care to ensure safety. Both them and their family members can get help in these everyday tasks by using user-friendly technology solutions, which can also provide support for their doctors and care professionals.

ICT4Life ambition for patients is to help them to extend the time they remain at their own homes. ICT4Life guarantees the privacy of the patients, who exert their right to access their personal healthcare data and to record their own checks. They can decide who can see their data, and grant and revoke permissions when desired. ICT4Life monitors the health status of the patients to better understand the evolution of the disease, reminding patients to take actions in order to promote the maintenance of their general conditions or sending alarms to their preferred caregivers.

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Are you a CAREGIVER?

If you are a caregiver, your help is crucial for the success of ICT4Life project. You could be part of the research that is being developed in France, Hungary and Spain and thus help us identify your needs concerning the ICT4Life Platform! How you would like it? You can help us to better protect the autonomy of your beloved suffering from dementia. If you feel you want to be part of this challenge and to support us in finding solutions aimed at people living the same situation as you, please send us an email to

The caregivers are the people who provide care to patients at their homes or in other places. Caregivers have a fundamental role and are usually the “front row” people in the provision of care to individuals with cognitive impairment. For this reason, they often need to receive fast responses to take timely actions when necessary. ICT4Life is able to send alerts and messages about any change in patient’s health status or behaviour, thus supporting the follow-up and pro-active interventions. Moreover, ICT4Life offers them personalised training, decision making support and contact with professionals.

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If you are a doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a neurologist or other health professional dealing with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or other dementias – at early or intermediate stages – please help us to understand what you need from ICT4Life project results! Participate in innovation and help us developing a solution for circulating information and for better supporting the patients’ autonomy! Please send us an email to

The shift from a hospital centred system to an integrated care system, where the patients are more involved in the decision-making process related to their care, is inducing a change of the professionals’ roles. The health professionals taking care of patients with cognitive impairments are facing several challenges due to this complex framework and need to be assisted both to provide high quality of care and to be coordinated with their colleagues. ICT4Life, through an effective system of data collection and analysis, supports the professionals in tracking the health conditions of their patients and in accessing to integrated information through stationary devices. ICT4Life also enhances the communication between the healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients.



Are you an ICT4Life STEKAHOLDER?

ICT4Life welcomes interested people and organisations from different backgrounds! Health and social care providers, payers, developers, policy makers play an important role in the uptake of the developed solutions. If interested in knowing more, please send an email to

ICT4Life is addressing several target groups that can contribute to the uptake of the technology developed and/or create better conditions for integrated care in Europe. Developers of eHealth solutions, health and social care providers, SMEs, social insurances, as well as public authorities have been defined as potential buyers of the technologies or services. Moreover, policy makers at different levels of governance, from local to European, can show their support to the project and its objectives, and make sure to keep high on the political agenda the topics of integrated care and independent living of the elderly.

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