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Artica Telemedicina

Artica Telemedicina is an eHealth innovation company with 13 years of experience in research, consultancy, design, development, testing and implementation of eHealth solutions. It holds the role of leading partner of the project and it is also involved in the activities of market analysis and requirement definition, ICT4Life Platform design and development, integration tasks and pilots.

Artica Telemedicina belongs to the CMC group (www.grupocmc.es) a Spanish ICT consultancy group working in multiple economic sectors such as Insurance, Banking, Energy, Security, Digital Transformation and eHealth. The group has an international presence with offices in Mexico, Colombia, Italy and Portugal.



E-Seniors is a French not-for-profit organisation with a broad experience in elderly training and behavioural science. E-Seniors is actively involved in the real life pilots activity, leading the WP7. Its role in the project regards the identification of target user groups, analysis of user needs, realisation of practical field tests and collection of feedback from users in order to make recommendations.



HOPE is a not-for-profit organisation based in Brussels, representing national public and private hospital associations and hospital owners, either federations of local and regional authorities or national health services.

HOPE leads the work package aimed at the dissemination of the project results and it is also in charge of organising the final conference.


CERTH is a Greek organisation focused on research and technology which carries out the activities of 2D and 3D data processing, adaptation, modelling, machine learning and interaction design. CERTH leads the WP3 on low level subsystems and work in close collaboration with the work packages 4 and 5 dedicated respectively to high level subsystems and services and training programmes creation.


Maastricht University

The University of Maastricht is involved in ICT4Life Project as the partner bringing expertise on optimisation, personalisation, interaction, vision and machine learning.

It leads the WP4 on high level subsystems and contributes to the activity of data mining and realisation of decision support tools.


Netis Informatics Ltd.

Netis Informatics Ltd. is a Hungarian company with expertise in software development, database management and data warehouses, design and decision making support and analysis of large-scale multimodal data in sophisticated healthcare. Netis works also on patient education and medical training supported by audio-visual, simulation and e-learning tools as well as on mobile and web-based applications. Netis role in the project consists in developing applications, focusing on platform integration and on testing and validation and leading the WP6 on “System Integration and Validation in Controlled Environment”.

Asociación Parkinson Madrid

Madrid Parkinson’s Association is a Spanish not-for-profit association representing people affected by Parkinson’s and their caregivers. Its role in the project consists in gathering the needs and the daily problems of the patients with Parkinson’s disease and their relatives, supervising ICT4Life pilot tests with real cases at patient home and with professionals and coordinating the pilot test in Spain. It leads the WP2 named “Users, Systems and Ethics Requirements”.


Pécsi Tudományegyetem

The University of Pécs, Medical School is entitled to establish contact and communication channels with the patients and their families and the care providers.

This contact is established to:

  • Organise support group and psychological assessment and treatment sessions,
  • Follow the daily activity of the patients,
  • Be involved in the training sessions.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The Polytechnic University of Madrid staff has expertise in telecommunications, audio and video processing, audio-visual content description, user modelling, gamification, cloud technologies, wireless sensor networks and sensor platforms as well as localisation and visualisation technologies prototyping skills. The Polytechnic University of Madrid is involved in audio and video processing, fusion, adaptation, personalization and interfaces development. It leads the WP4 on “ICT4Life High Level Subsystem”.


Companies and projects collaborating with ICT4Life

If you are an organisation or a project willing to explore potential synergies or to offer your support to ICT4Life, please send us an email at info@ICT4Life.eu

Public entities, policy-makers and organisations supporting ICT4Life

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