A look at interdisciplinary research on ageing – FGCSIC & UIMP event




This event was organized within UIMP (University Menendez Pelayo) set of events related to research and innovation in Santander (Spain). Within the “A look at interdisciplinary research on ageing” several roundtable discussions were organized to talk about the research on ageing on different fields (Health, eHealth, Social care, …) and the importance to have an interdisciplinary approach on many of these research initiatives. Alejandro Sánchez-Rico took a speech within the “Inclusive societies” round table presenting ICT4Life as an example of interdisciplinary approach between patients, caregivers and social and health professionals. Alejandro conclude that although there are barriers on interdisciplinary collaboration they could be overcome within research initiatives. However, implementation on final market environments have important barriers that need to be tackled consciously and with strong leadership to overcome them and make implementation a reality.

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