Advances of ICT4LIFE Project in the International Symposium PETRA 2018 in Corfu (Greece)


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Members of the GATV attended to the PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA) conference, an interdisciplinary conference that focuses on computational and engineering approaches to improve the quality of life and enhance human performance, in order to present the advances in ICT4LIFE project. The conference was hold in Corfu (Greece) from 26th to 29th June 2018. In this environment, the “PEARL Workshop: Patient Data Acquisition, Analysis, Profiling and Personalized Care Plan” took place on 28th June with the presentation of results from european projects ICT4LIFE and CAREGIVERSPRO-MMD based on eHealth and Integrated Care Systems.


In the PEARL Workshop session, Juan Pedro López presented the importance of applying preventive policies, such as a balanced diet, daily exercise, frequent intellectual activity or socialization activities for reducing the effect of the cognitive impairment related to Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of dementia. Among this factors, electronic games are a useful and economic way of cognitive preventive policy, especially when the device for interaction is the one that the patients are most familirized with, the television. Preliminary tests in daily care centres revealed that this is a good chance for improving socialization, as this activity obliged them to communicate with other people and interact with their surrounding environment. As a conclusion of the tests, the Smart TV device for cognitive games received a good acceptance after tested with the three groups of users to analyze: patients, caregivers and professionals.

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Juan Pedro López during his presentation about acceptance of Cognitive Games in ICT4LIFE Project 


In his presentation, David Martín described a novel approach for the analysis of the movement evolution in patients with Parkinson’s disease, highlighting the capabilities of detecting degradations on the motor-skills of the patients based on the analysis of physioterapy evaluations such as posture, balance, walking coordination or rigidity.

The presented algorithms improve the decision report (output of the Decision Support module of ICT4Life platform) and generate useful recommendations for offering new information to physioterapists.


David Martín presenting the tracking of Parkinsons patients based on data analysis 


On the other side, Ionanis Paliokas from the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) presented a constructive comparison between two projects (ICT4Life and CAREGIVERSPRO-MMD) for providing new integrated care services to people living with cognitive impairments, including Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, for increasing their quality of life and autonomy at home. This opportunity allowed to take further action to strengthen the synergies in between the two projects after the fruitful joint workshop organised in May for ICIC18 Conference in Utrecht.


Ioannis Paliokas presented the ICT4LIFE online platform 


Additionally, brochures with information about ICT4Life Project were distributed among the attendants for dissemination purposes, with a high acceptance and interest.


Brochures of the ICT4LIFE Project presented to the audience 


The Symposium finished with a social event in Hotel Corfu Palace Restaurant with performance of traditional Greek dances.


Typical Greek dances during the social event of PETRA 2018 Symposium


The following papers related to ICT4LIFE Project were presented during the PEARL Workshop:

  • Lopez, J. P., Martín, D., Moreno, F., Hernández-Peñaloza, G., Álvarez, F., Marín, M., Carrasco, L., Burgos, M. (2018). Acceptance of Cognitive Games through Smart TV Applications in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease. In Proceedings of the 11th PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments Conference on – PETRA ’18 (pp. 428–433). New York, New York, USA: ACM Press.
  • Martín, D., Popa, M., Jiménez, J., Álvarez, F., Asteriadis, S., & Carrasco, L. (2018). A Novel Approach for Movement Evolution Tracking in Parkinson’s Disease using Data Analysis and Fuzzy Logic. In Proceedings of the 11th PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments Conference on – PETRA ’18 (pp. 455–461). New York, New York, USA: ACM Press.
  • Solachidis, V., Paliokas, I., Vretos, N., Votis, K., Cortés, U., & Tzovaras, D. (2018). Two examples of online eHealth platforms for supporting people living with cognitive impairments and their caregivers. In Proceedings of the 11th PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments Conference on – PETRA ’18 (pp. 449–454). New York, New York, USA: ACM Press.


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