“Artificial Intelligence and Chronic disease management” Workshop in Trento Italy


ICT4Life took part in a workshop untitled “Artificial Intelligence and Chronic disease management” organised by Mattone Internazionale Salute Programme – ProMIS on 18 – 19 June 2018 in Trento, Italy. The event fostered comparison on the use of artificial intelligence in the context of the management of chronic diseases through the presentation of strategies and policies both at European and national level.

The first day session addressed European and national policies and strategies and presented good practices and experiences at European level. The second day was dedicated to specific interventions that tried to clarify and identify which are the main issues (economic, security, empowerment of patients, privacy etc.) to discuss in relation to the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.

ICT4Life coordinator, Alejandro Sánchez-Rico de las Heras, presented ICT4Life platform and features. He explained that the motivation behind ICT4Life arose from the need to find solutions aimed at developing the concepts of self-care, active patients and integrated care. To achieve this goal, ICT4Life is developing through technological and social research a radically new approach of integrated care that is materialized  in the ICT4Life platform.
The ICT4Life platform is designed to:

  • integrate patients through a tailored app, offering services aimed at increasing the quality of life and the autonomy of the elderly in their homes, in nursing homes, in day care centers and in hospitals;
  • support professionals involved in the patient’s care through a web access;
  • allow designated caregivers to access selected patient’s personal or health information

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