Consortium Meeting in Budapest: the final push for ICT4Life project


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On 20 and 21 June 2018, the ICT4Life Consortium met in Budapest, Hungary! The event was hosted by the consortium partner Netis Informatics Ltd. and was the opportunity for two days of intense exchange about the project’s achievements and next steps.

The meeting was opened by ICT4Life Coordinator, Alejandro Sánchez-Rico de las Heras from Artica Telemedicina who provided an overview of the project and the activities to perform until the end of 2018. He highlighted the importance of the results’ analysis the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) achievements in this last phase of the project.

Various topics were discussed during the two-day meeting. First, it was the opportunity for ICT4Life partners to share the first pilots’ results. Indeed, pilots have been running for about three months in Spain, France and Hungary.

In Spain, 18 patients and 18 control groups took part in the pilots in rehabilitation rooms and Day Care Centres (DCC) under the supervision of Asociación Párkinson Madrid and with the support of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Pilots have now been moved to home sets for the second step of the monitoring process.

In France, 4 patients, 1 doctor and 2 health professionals took part in the pilots under the supervision of E-Seniors and the assistance of partners from the Maastricht University. A video was released to show the technical deployment, the implementation of the ethical procedures and the participation of social workers and health professionals. The training session organised to teach the patients how to use the system was very useful and was the opportunity to ask patients their opinion and get their feedback.

In Hungary, 5 patients and 2 health professionals with a control group took part in the pilots in the Day Care Centre with a Smart TV under the supervision of the University of Pécs.

Information collected during the pilots were used to describe the first results obtained in the pilots’ phase by CERTH, one of the partners of the consortium. The pilots have allowed to take actions and improve the ICT4Life platform in relation with these findings, especially regarding the censors’ detection carried out during rehabilitation exercises and sedentary phases.

The meeting was also the opportunity for the partners to meet new collaborators from IMIBIC – Instituto Maimónides de Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba, who will strengthen with their contribution the medical aspects of the project.

Finally, the meeting was also the opportunity to detail some technical aspects and to discuss about quality, dissemination and exploitation issues as well as the ICT4Life Final Conference that will be organised by HOPE and take place in Brussels in October/November 2018.


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