First ICT4Life Advisory Board meeting, 12 May 2016, Brussels




The first ICT4Life Advisory Board (AB) meeting took place in Brussels on 12 May 2016. The AB is an external body composed by representatives of End-Users associations, insurance organisations/groups and universities. They share their expertise and provide periodical advice and guidance to the Consortium.
The experts provided valuable suggestions with regard to:

  • how to best meet End-User’s needs, such as patients, professionals and caregivers;
  • how to comply with ethical and legal issues as provided by law in the EU and in the Member States;
  • the advantages of integrated care when dealing with chronic diseases and possible barriers to the implementation of the integrated model.

The AB Members will continue to meet periodically in the coming phases of the project and will participate in the field tests as well as in the validation of the final solution.

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