How are our pilots going ?




ICT4Life pilots have been launched in France, Spain and Hungary few weeks ago. How is it going in each site? What are the next steps?


From the 2nd of April until the 15th of May 2018, the pilots were running in Madrid (Spain) in two scenarios: a day care center and rehabilitation rooms, under the supervision of ICT4Life Consortium partners from Association Parkinson Madrid. From the 7th of May, researchers were interviewing the patients to collect their impressions after this first month of pilots. Twelve patients diagnosed with Parkinson´s disease in the rehabilitation room, five patients in the day care center and six health professionals are testing ICT4Life in two waves this year!

Thank you very much to all Association Parkinson Madrid members, patients, caregivers and professionals who are voluntary participating in the pilots and sharing their time and experience with technicians and research team.

The pilots process started with an interview of each volunteer: patients and professionals (physiotherapists and day care center workers) have conducted a 30 minutes interview to provide information regarding their personal situation, medical profile or quality of life.  In October, pilots will be launched again in day care center and rehabilitation rooms at Association Parkinson Madrid.




In Hungary the first pilot was launched on the 12th of March and takes place in a small day care centre in the city of Pécs. It is open from Monday to Friday and around twenty people visit the centre on a daily basis, usually from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. During the day, they take part in the various activities organised by the nurses, such as exercising, baking, watching movies, going on excursions, etc. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

Five patients are involved in the pilot: they wear the bracelets – which monitor their vitals and communicate with the motion sensors – everyday while they are at the day care centre and interact with the system when the ICT4Life Consortium partners from the University of Pécs visit them every two weeks.

Three more weeks of observation remain before the end of this first wave of pilots and the beginning of the next one, which will be a home set in a patient’s apartment.



Already 2 months that the pilots in Paris got deployed – time flies and spring is there!

The 4 selected patients (2 men, 2 women: 60, 85 and 92 years old) come every Tuesday and Thursday to the day care centre, at this occasion they put the connected bracelets so their movements can be detected. Our technicians in Maastricht can remotely monitor and, if there is any technical issue, make sure that the system is running well and that data is collected. Later on, the ICT4Life team will analyze these data and draw conclusions from it about the daily life of elderly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and improve their conditions.

What is their daily life like in the day care centre?

In the morning, some of the users can attend a painting workshop, which adds a creative dimension to their activities.

Every Tuesday afternoon at 2.30pm one of our IT trainers is assisting the 4 patients with the use of the mobile app. ICT4Life Consortium partners from E-Seniors visit the day care centre every 2 weeks in order to follow up the general state of the pilots.

The pilots set up is planned to be maintained until the 9th of June, allowing for 3 more weeks of observation and measurement and in the middle of June Homesets will be deployed. A new research in another environment is coming closer, so follow ICT4Life project news to keep up to date!




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