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Since December 2017, ICT4Life project has obtained the support of eight new entities or individuals from very diverse sectors! For its final year, ICT4Life is devoted to preparing the exploitation process by strengthening collaborations to maximise the impact of the project results at the European and national level. For this reason, ICT4Life has been focusing on creating connections with innovative SMEs (carrying research in e-health or digital innovations) and policy-making entities. These new collaborations contribute to enlarge the ICT4Life community and to diffuse knowledge on ICT4Life innovative solutions to redefine integrated care for patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other type of dementia!

On the public and policy-making side, we are glad to welcome MEP Sirpa Pietikaïnen (PPE, Finland), member of the Coalition of Mental Health and Well-being at the European Parliament among our supporters. One regional association also joined our network: Agenas, Agenzia Nazionale per i servizi sanitari Regionali (Italy), as well as the non-profit organisation Alzheimer Belgique and the Department of Human Motricity Studies of Lisbon University (Portugal).

ICT4Life also receive the support of three SMEs very active in the field of innovation and research:

(1)Visiona Ingenieria de Proyectos : a technology company, coming from the leading research in diverse technologies, specialized in converting that research into innovative products;
(2) Aitex Textile Research Institute: a private research association which performs characterisation trials and certification of textile materials and articles; and
(3) Therapaenis: a diversified technology and medical company, focused on improving people’s lives through sustainable innovation in eHealth and patient treatment and recovery.

Finally, we also receive support from Smart4MD (Support Monitoring And Reminder Technology for Mild Dementia) , a EU-wide research project focusing on improving the quality of life of people with mild dementia and their carers.

Thank you very much to all members of our community for their interest in ICT4Life progresses and results!

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