Organising ICT4Life adaptation to end-users needs




On 4 and 5 April 2017, ICT4Life consortium met in Thessaloniki (Greece) to coordinate partners’ work and review achievements and project results.

During the two-day meeting, ICT4Life consortium has agreed on the schedule for iterative testing that will be performed in the upcoming months with patients, health professionals and caregivers. A first wave of tests of the technologies developed so far, including the application for smartphones and smart-TVs, was already implemented in France, Spain and Hungary by the end-users organisations E-Seniors and Madrid Parkinson Association as well as by ICT4Life members from the University of Pécs.

Patients and caregivers’ responses to the technologies tested were promising, especially from the point of view of patient’s empowerment. Users particularly appreciated the testing sessions and felt empowered knowing that ICT4Life services will be built on their needs and feedback. Some technical improvements suggested by end-users to better support their experience with ICT4Life mobile app will be implemented in the coming months, prior to the next wave of iterative tests. Sensors will also be further developed and tested by the end of April.

The meeting also provided opportunity to ICT4Life technical partners to discuss about integration of ICT4Life different technical modules. The ICT4Life final product will allow patients to improve their autonomy and quality of life through integration of different technologies able to monitor their movements at home and health status and notify caregivers and health professionals about abnormal behaviours detected. Moreover, the mobile app will help patients to train their memory thanks to cognitive games easily adaptable to their own needs and skills.

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