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ICT4Life is now a formal Supporter of the AgeingWell Network.

The aim of the AgeingWell Network is to build and animate a Community of actors focused on improving the quality of life of elderly people by promoting the market uptake of ICT solutions for Ageing Well.

The AgeingWell Thematic Network has five main objectives:

  • To develop Guidelines for deployment and sharing of best practice between key competence centres;
  • To build an ICT for Ageing Knowledge Centre with the aim to share relevant information and results with the AgeingWell Community;
  • To develop an ICT for Ageing Society Strategic Agenda, with the aim of providing a study on options for future structure and implementation of EU innovation funding;
  • To promote the European innovation reinforcement between innovative ICT & Ageing enterprises (in particular SMEs) and the Investment Community;
  • To raise awareness within the European community of ICT & Ageing stakeholders.

The AgeingWell network is composed of 16 experienced organisations in ICT for ageing well, covering the industry, user organizations, public authorities, investors, housing and insurance companies and ICT solutions providers. They share and animate an interactive online platform, sharing a vision of “Market uptake of ICT for Ageing Well”. Many other organizations are joining the network as Associate Members, contributing to increase the existing knowledge and extend the network activities to European regions not involved in the founding partnership.

The full list of members is available on the Network web portal.

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