Maximising ICT4Life impact: new collaborations


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In its second year, ICT4Life is devoted to strengthen collaborations aimed at maximising the impact of the project results at the European and national level. Since February 2017, ICT4Life obtained the support of several policy making organisations, SMEs developing technologies in the health sector and a EU co-funded project. They contribute to enlarge the network but also to ensure the sustainability of the project results after its end.

The policy making organisations that support ICT4Life are the Spanish Ceapat (State Reference Centre for Personal Authonomy and Technical Aid), the Estonian Hospital Association, the Latvian Hospital Association and the Portuguese APDH (Portuguese Association for Hospital Development).

Artexé, Ascora and cloud-R are the SMEs that showed their interest in being informed about the progresses of ICT4Life. Artexé deals with the implementation of innovative systems aimed at improving the quality of service provided to patients. Ascora and cloud-R have experience in creating cloud-based systems allowing a more efficient handling of big data.

Finally, ICT4Life created a link with the EU co-funded project SCIROCCO whose methodology will be implemented as a base for the exploitation of the ICT4Life platform.

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