New ICT4Life video starring the users of the French pilots




Already two months that the ICT4Life pilots started in the day care centre Renée-Ortin in Sarcelles (France) and users involved in the tests can’t wait to share their opinion about the project.

On the 15th of May, E-Seniors researchers gave them a chance to do so by organizing a shooting session in the day care centre. The activity was organized in a friendly way to encourage the users to speak out their feelings and thoughts about the ICT4Life system with whom the health professionals, the social workers and the patients of the centre have been interacting every week since March.

The patients were filmed during their everyday activities in the centre, while enjoying their fine art workshop and attending the ICT classes. It is during those computer courses that the patients have been using the ICT4Life mobile app the most, under the supervision of the ICT teacher. The latter was interviewed about the patients’ interaction with the app: he affirmed that the app is quite intuitive and easy to use, but still the patients need a good support to use it in an effective way.

One of the patients also wished to express his opinion about ICT4Life and in particular about the bracelet that, according to him, have not created any problems at all and is easily wearable and comfortable. The social worker involved in the pilots confirmed this statement.

The geriatrist, director of the centre, welcomed the ICT4Life initiative as an edge-cutting model of integrated care for patients affected by neurodegenerative diseases. The day care centre nurse involved in the testing also gave a positive feedback about ICT4Life. She argued that the fact of being always aware of her patients’ health condition and clinical information and the possibility to interact with them and the other people involved in their care is an invaluable benefit for the medical staff, as well as for the patients.

The video is under development and will soon be ready for everyone who wants to find out more about this interactive and exciting experience.


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