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SmartLife project is finishing its first year. During 2017, different activities have been accomplished. Defining the requirements was the first, followed by game functionalities definition, intelligent garment, electronics, graphic environment, among others. The analysis of the data provided by the adolescents was very important for the project and informed the game design. A first version of the electronics and the sensors was developed to start the testing phase and the mock up trials with adolescents in Belgium. The trials gave us some helpful hints about how to conduct our developments. Besides, these sensors have been used during the design of the algorithms for movement detection and Activity Index. The algorithms and the sensors detect MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) by variations of the Activity Index. These signals will be reported to the game so the game will adapt to the physical condition of the user.

During the next months, efforts will focus on the narrative of the game, which is one of the key elements in the “exergame” to be successful among young people. In this sense, the opinion of the adolescents who participate in the different research stages will be very important. The views of the adolescents will be integrated throughout the next year.

With regard to other activities, project partners have been participating actively in different events and conferences, such as the ITMC International Conference on Intelligent Textiles and Mass Customisation, ACHC Symposium on Mobile Health, ICE 2017 IEEE TMC Europe Conference, Techtextile 2017, etc. At the moment, efforts are oriented to collaborate with other initiatives and other projects like ICT4Life.

The second year of the project is presenting many challenges with regard to the development of the game and integration of all pillars. The data from the sensors will be processed through big data analysis. Especial focus will be given to the game narratives to develop an attractive game for adolescents.

The SmartLife exergame will be a mobile game that will require lower body movements and will be connected to an intelligent textile that will provide immediate physiological feedback, ensuring that the exercises are performed at a moderate to vigorous intensity level and are adapted to the needs of the user.




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