What happened in our ICT4Life Consortium in Maastricht?




On 18 – 19 January 2018, the ICT4Life Consortium met in Maastricht. The meeting aimed to coordinate partners’ work and review testing results to prepare for the pilot phase.

During the two-day meeting, ICT4Life consortium has agreed on the pilot final roadmap in the perspective of imminent launch of the pilots in three sites in France, Spain, and Hungary in order to test and fine-tune the technology. The pilots will consider three scenarios and will take place in a rehabilitation centre (Madrid), in three-day care centres (Madrid, Pécs and Paris) and in six patient’s homes (Madrid, Pécs and Paris).

ICT4Life end-users partners, E-Seniors, Madrid Parkinson Association and the University of Pécs have achieved ambitious quantitative results during the field work: 315 users have been involved from October 2016 until December 2017 in the testing of the ICT4Life system. The testing focused on the ICT4Life mobile app and Smart TV app for patients and caregivers and on the web platform for health professionals.

The event included also technical meetings which gave the opportunity to the technical partners to work on the system in the perspective of its launch. Moreover, the deployment and technical methodology to be used for the pilot phase in 2018 was presented and some partners worked on the subsystem and could test some of the devices. The possibility of linking the results of the iterative testing with the exploitation strategy was also discussed since it represents one of the priority for the last year of the project.

During the event, a video shooting was performed with the aim of including the recorded images of the Consortium members in the official ICT4Life promotional video soon-to-be released.

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